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Dou′ble-check′ v. A double check is exactly what it sounds like: a king is put in check by two pieces with a single move. • The double check becomes a confi rmation of what the clinician is saying rather than an independent check without prior knowledge of the results DOUBLE CHECK • The healthcare workers become complacent with the task of double checking especially when errors are not found. Double check is a rare but especially deadly maneuver that can take even chess masters by surprise. 107 Vista Drive Moore, SC 29369 Office:Cell:Email: Licensed South Carolina. Double Check Valve Assemblies Designed for use in non-health hazard cross-connections and continuous pressure applications subject to backpressure or backsiphonage incidents, such as lawn sprinklers, fire sprinkler lines, commercial pools, tanks and vats, and food cookers. double-check This consultative step functions both as a support for the physician as well as a double-check to prevent acts of physician-assisted death without due care.

" Read More. Definition of double-check (Entry 1 of 2). Double-check is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. DOUBLE CHECK Technical Services L. Check out our products & services.

They are simply accurate and clear. Your friendly Double Check salesperson is happy to answer any questions you may have. Shopkeepers across the region are being urged to double-check for potentially-dangerous children&39;s sweets in the shape of a baby&39;s bottle. Definition of double-check (Entry 1 of 2).

6 out of 5 stars 97. double-check synonyms, double-check pronunciation, double-check translation, English dictionary definition of double-check. Our reports are easy to understand, neither too long nor too short. you get the idea. Interest rates and the pricing of rates changes daily, so if you receive a quote on Monday and you price match it with another quote on Wednesday, they’re both fruit but ones an apple and the other is.

Define double-checking. From this position, 1. Make sure that you insert a valid shipping address in the order form, we recommend you to double check the notes before submitting the order.

DOUBLE CHECK We manage and support your healthcare so that you have total peace of mind. Double Check Home Inspections, LLC. Whether you want to check the word count of your content or analyze it for plagiarism. Here, practitioner A checks practitioner B&39;s work independently, so as not to be unduly influenced by practitioner B&39;s expected results.

’ ‘Everyone has checked and double-checked their tickets, but the grapevine is eerily quiet. Typical Amos &39;n Andy storyline has the boys trying to make a go of their "open-air" taxi business while they get caught up in a society hassle, involving driving musicians to a fancy party. Define double-check. Even if I know it’s legitimate, I’m going to go directly to the. 12 Some may even view an independent double check as a process that simply requires a second signature or biometric scan before the work can be completed, without really understanding the goal of the check. DOUBLE CHECK HERBICIDE post-emergent herbicide controls multiple problem grass weeds in cereal crops.

Stop wasting time with manual article rewriting and editing. net Cerciórese de que coloca correctament e todos l os datos de entrega: le recomendamos q ue compruebe lo s datos con minuciosidad antes de someter la orden. Double Check Company specializes in the distribution of petroleum and industrial equipment. Variations in how independent double checks are carried out abound, and compliance with all the steps in the process is often inconsistent.

The BBB says, always double check the sender’s information. TPRM understands how crucial a firm&39;s third party business partners are to the criticality of a firm&39;s success. Double checking as an independent double check: This reference to double checking in our study is the type of double checking that much of the literature addresses. DoubleCheck® Positive Pay Software - 5 User License DoubleCheck® is a simple, secure software solution used in the implementation of your financial institution&39;s positive pay services. The crooked system of double-check tenders for timber limits must be altered. is a family-owned and -operated home improvement business, originally founded by Morton Ilberman in 1958.

double-checking synonyms, double-checking pronunciation, double-checking translation, English dictionary definition of double-checking. Synonyms for double check include check, reassessment, second check, verification, review, reappraisal, retrospect, reconsideration, retrospection and reevaluation. C is a team of dedicated project managers, joiners and designers delivering an unrivaled service in the industry.

Correll, Sue Carol, Irene Rich. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. It might be a case of check and double-check, but the breaks were mostly on Suicide Sasebo&39;s side. Zurn Wilkins 1-350XL Double Check Lead-Free Composite Vessel Valve Assembly, 1" 4. The Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA) is an outgrowth of the double check valve and is primarily utilized in fire line installations. Whether you want to spell or grammar check, DupliChecker has all the content analysis tools you will ever need to make your texts stand out and avoid duplicate content.

With our combined experience and our creative outlook towards making sure each build is tailored to you, we continue to build up a wealth of successfully delivered projects globally. From the Cambridge English Corpus We called this the "passport effect" because people usually double-check the location of their passport before taking an international flight. Double Check Detector Assembly. Double-check is a hyphenated compound word, which is a DOUBLE CHECK term composed of two words joined together by a hyphen.

I will never buy meat from sprouts again. In chessand other related games, a double checkis a checkdelivered by two pieces simultaneously. Double Check Builders, Inc. Check and double-check spelling and punctuation. As mentioned, there are many different types of checks in chess.

See more videos for DOUBLE CHECK. "I bought beef from double check at the farmers market yesterday. Though related to the more common discovered attack, double check has some particular characteristics that are worth paying attention to. Bxe5++ is a winning double check. Morton took Joe Walker on as an apprentice in the early 1980s. We provide detailed, clinically relevant and definitive highly specialized radiological diagnostics. Double Check is a radiology and nuclear medicine center that provides second opinion on your findings. The fidelity of your model can be double-checked.

After Morton lost his battle with cancer in 1989, Joe took over as the owner and operator of Double Check Builders. Directed by Melville W. In chess and other related games, a double check is a check delivered by two pieces simultaneously. If you double-check something, you examine or test it a second time to make sure that it is completely correct or safe. Double-check that the ladder is secure. ‘double-check that all windows are firmly locked’ ‘They are, in reality, the second opinion that can double-check the records of those most at risk, to ensure their safety.

Related words are double-checks, double-checked, double-checking. The company offers a range of products that includes pumps, tanks, valves, reels, fittings, lubrication and lifts. a simultaneous check by two pieces in which the moving of one piece to give check also results in discovering a check by another piece. A careful reinspection or reexamination to assure accuracy or proper condition; verification. Double Check® is your trusted advisor on all your healthcare matters, whether minor or severe, long-term or emergency. To double-check, he used the radius of the Galaxy as base to calculate the distance.

Double check almost always occurs with a discovered check or discovered attack, where one piece moves and exposes a new attack by a previously blocked piece. This article uses the latter convention for clarity. DoubleCheck TPRM provides the tools to understand and manage your third party risks, identify areas of focus, and take actions to reduce third party risks. “For me, anytime I get a link like that, it doesn’t matter. Gosden, Charles J.

In chess notation, it is almost always represented the same way as a single check ("+"), but is sometimes symbolized by "++" (however, "++" is also sometimes used to denote checkmate). First rule here is you must compare quotes from the same day.


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